Dream on standby

We walked together into town
Looked up and we smiled
We were here to make a name
Our number will be dialled

The giant boards would hoard the name
And screens would alight
My tales, my vision, my legend
Would take centre stage
My dreams, with you I’d take flight

Meant to be or not, it didn’t really matter.
Our will would be spoken
This was recipe of talent and sincerity
And grit that couldn’t be broken

But here I stand, alone, without you
Hailing my next pay day
I’ve found something else, I said to you
I had changed my play

The twinkles’s gone,
And like an old song
I’ve traded you away

Maybe people were right,
when they saw my light.
That time kills all in its way

Together we had walked into town
Looked up and we smiled
We were here to make a name
Our number was to be dialled

Let me tell you once and for all
Forever I have not left you
Tomorrow, day after, maybe not
But I will come back for you

Oh trust me, dear dream
No matter how hollow it may seem.
But I’ve learnt a thing or two.

No matter who I am or what I become,
I will come back for you.

Head on my shoulder

The head on my shoulder is obviously mine,
It’s facing some problems, because nothing is fine.

Hounded by work and inhibitions alike.
Pushing me into a hole. Provoking me to strike.

But then her head on my shoulder. Deeply exhales.
Puffs down the boulders. And, peace prevails.

She wraps her arms around and holds on tight,
She makes no sound, and the day turns out all right.

How long will I survive with my head? I really know not.
But, with her head, I believe in me again.
I believe in life, a lot!


The skies
Turn grey,
Of all that’s fray.
As if humbling us
To say,
This isn’t your day,
Dear soul,
This isn’t your day.

Light has deserted you.
Night has come early.
You may try to shine with all your might,
But will succumb out of glory’s sight.

You may paint your world,
In hues of blue and red,
White and green,
Or orange instead.
Like a filter,
The clouds shall dawn,
And bleed those hues,
Into a shade of its own.

Until your pour,
Down to the ground,
The grey won’t leave you.
Until you rain,
Over all that you own,
This day won’t leave you.

The skies
Turn grey,
And you must adhere.
Sometimes, it’s just one of those days,
When you must live your fear.

Today Comes Again.

And once again
Today comes again
To tell me
Your tea is an excuse
Your ears are numb
Your words are claw marks

Once again
I drop a few years
And relive a fear
A dream
Written off
Before ever being written

The patchwork still shows
When the food of my soul
Finds a stage

The days
Of a spotlight so strong
Through which I see
With utmost clarity

Peering into darkness
In front of me
I tremble
No more

Now I fluttering
In a chair
Twitch my toes
Word this visceral clutter

Can I
Will I
Can I please?


Tea is getting cold
The shadow hangs strong

I must get back
Leaving a note

The last tear
The very last
I will now know its purpose

And today is the day
When a lifetime begins
To wait for it

that’s what i do

I pen words to free myself.
To give me shelter.
To say how I feel.
To make myself feel.
Writing makes me stronger.
Makes me feel lighter.
I write to stand up for something.
To let go of something.
To make a rhyme.
To withdraw shadows.
To send a tear.
To seek warmth in flames.
To coin a moment.


And finally,
I write,
to never be written off.


I saw someone pray today
It was beautiful
It was enlightening
It was honest
It was kind

It made me want to do good
It asked me to be nice
It pushed me to work harder
It found me in a better light

I saw someone pray today
With no words
With no folded hands
Only honest eyes
And a child-like smile

Today, I became a believer


It’s rare
For me
To sit
And pen
Or talk
That say
What I feel
About you
About us
About everything

In words
That seem fair
Appear unbiased
Look devoid of ulterior motives
That I speak
From my heart
And nothing more

Here I say
And for all
I write
Not too often
Not too well
But when I do
It’s from the heart
Before you say
Or interpret
My arrogance
My anger
My audacity
My stupidity
My insensitivity
I request you
To look back
Think back
Do these words
Really describe me

Because if they haven’t
In all these years
Then don’t think
For one second
That they do
Or ever will

This isn’t a proclamation
You may call it
If you just
For the right words
For me to un-fumble
You will see
That my words
Aren’t me
And I
Am more
Much much more
Than the words
That you’ve read

I am
A man in transition
Growing up
Smartening up
Some stupidity
Throwing away
Some insecurity

I am
Just like you